Tuna fishing starts in June for Southern New Jersey with bluefin, yellowfin, and bigeyes. We have many different trips to choose from including 12, 16, and 26 hour trips. 12 hour trips are geared towards bluefin and yellowfin tuna for inshore and mid range fishing on the 20 and 30 fathom lines in the 35 to 55 mile range. A mixture of trolling, chunking, and jigging can be expected on these trips. 16 hour trips are for running farther to the 100 fathom curve and beyond, 60-100 miles. These trips are geared more towards yellowfin and bigeye tuna in the deeper waters. Expect to mostly catch your fish trolling on these trips. 26 hour trips typically leave at 10am, fish from the time we arrive at our destination, throughout the remaining daylight, throughout the night, and some of the morning. You will arrive back to the dock at noon the next day. These are excellent trips to take advantage of the dusk and dawn bites when tuna are most active.


12 Hour Trip  $1800 

14 Hour Trip  $2100

16 Hour Trip  $2400

26 Hour Trip  $3300


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